Full House Rentals

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Full House Rentals in Natchez, MS

The Craftsman’s Bungalow

Stay in a complete house, all your own, located just one block from St. Mary’s Basilica. You can walk anywhere in historic downtown Natchez – even to the beautiful Mississippi River! A Craftsman’s Bungalow is actually larger than you would imagine! It was built in 1923, and sleeps up to nine! Enjoy a large screened porch, lovely living and dining room, breakfast room and fully-equipped kitchen! The 3 bedrooms are lovely, and we offer six beds in all! You’ll want to make this your second home!

The Mayor’s House

Stay in a complete house, all your own! The Mayor’s House is located only two blocks from GardenSong, within walking distance of historic downtown Natchez and the beautiful Mississippi River! The Mayor’s House was built in 1880 and has recently been beautifully restored. Enjoy a large porch, cozy front parlor, and grand hall. The 3 bedrooms are tastefully appointed, each with private baths. The kitchen and dining room are fully equipped. An array of complimentary beverages are provided along with all amenities. You’ll want to make this your second home! Click here for more details and booking information. Weekend Rates May Apply.

Our discounted rates do not include breakfast. But great breakfast options are just a few blocks away!

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is collected at the time of booking. Cancellations are allowed up to two weeks prior to each stay, and a full refund will be issued. 

Due to high demand, cancellations within two weeks of one’s stay shall not be refunded.